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Kettle Pond

Personalizing a Spec Home

The Challenge

After purchasing a new home, my clients found that—for them—the open floor plan was open in all the wrong places. They needed to make some changes to make the home fit their needs and reflect their personal style.

The Solution

We decided to leave the kitchen in essentially the same location to conserve budget. To compensate, we instead made shifts to the cabinetry and appliance layout to elongate the space. We opened up the kitchen to the dining room and incorporated additional cabinetry and a serving area to achieve more visual depth and make entertaining a breeze. In contrast to the openness we achieved in the kitchen and dining areas, we aimed to better define the entryway by adding walls to divide the space. The end result was a smart layout that reflects my clients’ preferences while remaining within the strictly defined budget that we identified at the start of the design process.

From the Client

“We needed to redesign an existing first floor space to better suit our family’s needs. The limitations of the space made it difficult for us to have a vision for what could be done. Stacey at SO Design helped us to imagine what was possible. She brought her ideas and expertise to the table without pushing us in any one direction. She spent time listening to our needs and created a layout that transformed how we are able to use our house. Stacey’s vision and guidance have been key to the success of our renovation. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with her.”  – E+J

Interior Remodeling