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Rocky Lane

Modern Touches to a 70s Contemporary Ranch

The Challenge

When downsizing from a large family home to a contemporary ranch built in the 1970s, my clients needed to make their new home fit their lifestyle. It was important to create distinct spaces to support their interests—and to maintain space for their college-age children.

The Solution

For this project, I collaborated with Anisia Gifford Interiors. My specific charge was to reconfigure the space and design all of the architectural features, while Anisia focused on selecting finishes and arranging furnishings. I refined the exterior of the home by incorporating new siding and architectural elements, such as a more traditional window, cedar shingles with defined trim work, columns, and brackets. The interior space was also adjusted to allow for more functional use. For example, by reordering the entryway and relocating main circulation paths, we were able to create more functional interior spaces. Along with a sunroom addition that capitalized on the private backyard and pool views, I designed a full basement suite, including a family space and exercise area. My clients were pleased to see their tastes reflected, and to have imbued the exterior with a more timeless architectural identity while preserving the more charming aspects of its original look.

Addition, Whole House Remodel