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Home Restoration

Home Restoration

The most successful home restoration projects pay homage to the historical significance of architecture and place, while giving your space new life and energy. The process requires a delicate balance, but when successful results in a fresh look that still blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment.


I have had a great deal of experience rehabilitating and restoring antique home over the course of my career. I particularly enjoy the challenge of incorporating new elements while retaining the beauty of historically significant architectural details. My designs aim to preserve the charm of existing structures, while transforming them to meet my clients’ needs. I am fortunate to know several trusted builders who are equally well-practiced in this arena.


From windows to masonry, there are plenty of opportunities to make your home fit the lifestyle needs of today and tomorrow, while still maintaining the elegance of years past.


You can read more about the process of working with SO Design Collective on your home restoration project here.

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